Von ihrer Website www.kolektifistanbul.com:
…The mix contains some Turkish folk and modern pop elements, but also funky and jazzy sounds. …the energetic groove of the Balkans and the depth of traditional Anatolian melodies flew together – in short, the music is just as much a melting pot as the hometown of Kolektif Istanbul. A dancy sound for everyone.
…Kolektif Istanbul grew up from the meeting of musicians from villages playing at fetes and marriage ceremonies in the „homeland“, and musicians with improvisation backgrounds from different modern styles, but all in Istanbul with the colors of Istanbul. “Gayda” (Bulgarian bagpipes), clarinet, saxophone, accordion, tuba, percussions, drums all these instruments make this a unit with a great richness of sound which combines both the Balkan fanfare dynamism and the Anatolian “blues” depth…

„Tanzt, tanzt, oder wir sind verloren“

Mit Gummihandschuh, aber nicht wegen Corona

Pop in 9/8 (2-2-2-3), also z.B. tanzbar als Tamzara, Karsılama etc.

Gute-Laune- Köçek (türk. für Čoček) quer durch Istanbul

Kolektif Istanbul